During the family trip to Northern Italy in the end of the summer, my Jacob Jensen Dimension 880 wrist watch broke. The black leather strap has been under a lot of stress on the hot trip, and I hadn’t had the good judgment to leave it on the hotel room. I’ve had that watch for years and love it for it’s reserved elegance, but I had already considered supplementing it with a new watch more in tune with how I dress these days.

In the end, I chose the Swedish wristwatch brand Daniel Wellington. Daniel Wellington has been getting a lot of traction the last few years, both in Sweden and abroad, and their success is well deserved. The Daniel Wellington watches sport clean design and a solid build quality, which is a really good value for the modest price of 200 USD. I opted for the rose gold case with a Classic St Andrews brown leather strap. I’ve worn it on my wrist pretty much daily since August.