At Odd Alice, we’re making the web a better place by building beautiful and well-made websites – mostly with WordPress. I’ve been an avid user of WordPress for over ten years and have been building websites with it for almost as long. Like all the cool kids, I spend an inordinate amount of time building WordPress themes and releasing them for free.

I’ve previously written for newspapers and magazines, co-founded a monthly magazine, run websites about web development, movies and video games and been art director for Umeå University’s career fair. You can find a list of my personal projects further down the page. I like to keep myself busy.

When I’m not furiously typing on my keyboard, I spend time with my friends, watch movies, play video games and religiously follow the latest news from the tech industry. I occasionally write about the three latter interests on my blog, and I’m also a contributor to the (Swedish) gaming blog Spelbloggen. I enjoy freshly ground coffee, whisky and a good burger.

You can catch me on Twitter and Instagram, or send me an email.

Personal Projects

  • Kaffeguide.se2016

    A Swedish site about brewing and serving coffee. Originally launched in 2014, and relaunched in late 2016 with new a design, new functionality and updated content.

  • WordCamp Stockholm 20162016

    I designed and developed the website for WordCamp Stockholm 2016. I also designed the printed materials for the conference, using a logo created by Alexander Danling.

  • Is it Too Late for Coffee?2014

    A simple website answering the constant question of whether it's too late in the day to have a cup of coffee. Procrastination and self-enabling, all in one site. Me at my very best. And/or worst.

  • WordPress Themes2013

    Since 2013, I have designed, developed and released 14 free WordPress themes that collectively have been downloaded more than one million times.

  • Kuxabladet2011

    A local monthly (later biweekly) magazine with a circulation of 11,000 copies. I co-founded the magazine and was responsible for content and design. I sold it to the other co-founder in 2012.

  • Filmnyheter.nu2011

    A now defunct Swedish news site about movies, born out of my interest for the medium.

  • WordPressteman.com2010

    A Swedish website with a collection of some of the very best free WordPress themes. I relaunched the site in 2014 with a new design and new content.

  • WordPressguider.se2010

    A collection of tutorials for WordPress, written in Swedish. I built it in parallell with, and it too was relaunched in 2014 with a new design and new content. I sold it in late 2015.

  • Palmemordet.se2010

    A website about the 1986 murder of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, and the fruitless investigation that continues to this day. I redesigned the site in 2015.